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Soil Management - LAWN

Maintaining a beautiful lawn doesn't have to devour your free time.

We offer exceptional lawn, plant, and shrub care from the professional staff at NxTGen Irrigation and Lawn Care. We have a proven ability to restore and revitalize lawns, shrubs, trees, and foliage. From customized plans to irrigation repair and upgrades, we'll ensure your lawn and landscape is beautiful to behold.

NxTGen Irrigation and Lawn Care approach is simple, we make sure that your sprinkler system is as efficient and effective as possible. Then we look to your soil and implement a Soil Management - LAWN program that is both beneficial to the root and the shoots of your turfgrass. This same approach can also be beneficial to the rest of your landscape as well, including your flower beds. By using this method it helps maintain the balance between water/roots/soil. 

Our Soil Management - LAWN process uses both organic and synthetic materials to achieve the best possible results.


Let our on-staff Certified Professional Turf Managers evaluate your lawn’s overall health and surrounding landscape to provide the best possible care which will make your lawn healthy.

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