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Soil Management - TREES

Maintaining a beautiful landscape doesn't have to devour your free time.

Maintaining beautiful trees doesn't have to devour your free time. We offer tree maintenance services from the professional at NxTGen Irrigation and Lawn Care. We evaluate your trees and prescribe the right balance of nutrients and care needed to maintain them love yours to come. From Best Management Practice in tree pruning and health care, we'll maintain your trees so they are a beautiful sight to behold.

NxTGen Irrigation and Lawn Care approach is simple, we diagnose any issues and prescribe the best course of action to ensure your trees look their best year after year. Then we look to your soil and implement a Soil Management - TREE program that is both beneficial to what is underground and also above ground to give your tree the best chance to thrive and look beautiful for years to come. This approach is also beneficial to the rest of your landscape as well, including your plants and grass that are nearby. By using this method it helps maintain the balance between water/roots/soil.


Our Soil Management - TREES process uses both organic and synthetic materials to achieve the best possible results. 

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